What to do if we do not write clearly?


There are multiple causes of poor communication: we do not read enough and we do not learn the necessary lexicon, we do not learn the correct technique in the early school stage, we do not get used to pose and solve problems through efficient argumentative processes, we do not practice this skill at the level university, so we ended up copying poorly written formats when we started in the work of the legal profession. If the causes are multiple, the solutions will be too. But at the beginning, just being aware that we need help and good guidance is an initial advance. 

In this context, we have been encouraging professional level seminars to help lawyers, officials, prosecutors, judges and arbitrators to improve their argumentation and written communication. 

The seminars are usually entirely practical, they are based on the identification of the communicative weaknesses of the members of the organization, so that, from the own argumentative processes of each entity, we develop a clear and specific technique that allows to deliver finished, strong and clear arguments. 

We have been doing this for several years and have worked with many professionals, not only lawyers, from the quarries of SUNAT, SUNARP, SUSALUD, OSINERGMIN, INDECOPI, OSIPTEL, JNE, CNM, Judicial branch, Public Prosecutor's Office, among other entities. We can help to present arguments with a clear and forceful expressiveness. 

See our courses: https://leon-pastor-consultores.webnode.pe/talleres/